Let’s Talk Cake!

//Let’s Talk Cake!

Wedding Cake Alternatives

Not a die-hard cake fan? Check out these new and trending wedding cake ideas for your special day!

Cupcake Tower

If you and your soon-to-be spouse are indecisive on what flavors to choose for your wedding cake, opt out of the traditional cake and create a cupcake tower. This option provides you (and your guests) with multiple options for a cake flavor. Choose 3 or 4 different flavors that will fit all kinds of yummy taste buds. And don’t worry; you can still have the signature small cake for the ceremonial cake cutting!


The biggest trend of the year is having donuts at your wedding! After all, who doesn’t love a good donut! Brides are creating customized orders with their name and wedding date on them. Placement has never been more unique; from all over the room, to the centerpiece of each dinner table, or a donut truck parked on the way out, there is always room for donuts at your wedding!


The pie trend has been a favorite amongst the rustic weddings. Homemade apple pie, pecan pie, and pumpkin pie make for a great fall wedding dessert. Ask your local bakery for mini pies for a more personalized dessert for each guest! For the ceremonial cake cutting, choose your favorite pie to cut with your new husband or wife.

Mini Desserts

Let’s face it; dessert is usually the best part of the meal. So why stop with just cake? If you have a sweet tooth, opt in for a mini dessert bar. This way guests can sample a little bit of each dessert and all your sweet tooth cravings will be fulfilled! From dessert shooters, macaroons, truffles, mini cupcakes, and brownies your reception hall will smell like your local bakery!

Ice Cream or Ice Cream Sandwich Bar

Okay, show of hands – who can ever say no to ice cream? Answer: No one! Even those that are lactose intolerant are asking for a scoop of sherbet at the local ice creamery. Local ice cream shops can create an Ice Cream Bar filled with different ice cream choices and toppings galore!

Now that our sweet tooth has gone into overdrive, what is your favorite dessert option for your wedding? Perhaps you still want to showcase a beautiful cake but want to add on an unique dessert option. No problem! Custom order a two-tier cake. This will allow you to keep the top tier (if you dare!) for your one-year anniversary and still provide a beautiful cake for you to enjoy during the ceremonial cake cutting. We see this trend happening more often than any! Check out some local bakeshops unique cake designs along with dessert bars as an alternative!


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